About Us

Like many parents, we can relate to the pain and frustration every time our children had head lice. The pain-staking process of treating every lice & combing every nasty, pesky little critter from the child’s head, along with the frustration it caused EVERY TIME is no longer part of your regime or worries when you use Anti Lice Angel! No sooner had their heads been treated with harsh chemicals to treat head lice, that the dreaded phone call or letter would be received, advising the child was crawling again with the little parasites! Rather than putting chemicals on children’s scalps, the Anti Lice Angel solution is made using only natural essential oils, diluted with purified water. The spray bottles come in 100ml and even when used daily, the solution lasts for months, making it cost effective but more importantly safe for children’s delicate skin and time efficient for you!

Anti Lice Angel is also very effective as a hair de-tangler! Simply brush or comb through longer hair and you get the added benefits of ridding your child of knots and protection from head lice – all in one easy natural solution!

Shake well before use then simply spray on your child’s hair and comb through before they go to day care, school or socialising with other children and it will prevent them from getting head lice.

Anti Lice Angel really is a natural solution for head lice prevention!

Proudly 100% Australian Made.