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Head Lice Prevention

It is difficult to prevent the spread of head lice among children in child care centres and schools. Children tend to play in close contact with their peers. The chance of transmission of head lice from personal items is very high. The transmission of head lice can be prevented if…

Signs of Head Lice

Some common signs and symptons of having head lice include: Itching. When a person has head lice for the first time, itching may not occur for two to six weeks after the infestation. This allows time for lice to breed! Scratching the head is a common sign of having head…

What ages do kids get head lice and how do kids get head lice?

Children, particularly between the ages of 2-13, being pre-school to high school years predominantly socialise closely and often put their heads together. It is a myth that head lice jump or can fly. Head lice do not have wings nor hind legs to jump. Head lice are spread by direct…